WittyBunny - A Tool That Would Someday Steal Your Facebook Information?

WittyBunny became popular so fast because of their website that generates entertaining results based on the description given on each generator in their site by logging in using your facebook account.

Will it someday steal your facebook information?

Screenshot by Chun-ja B.

By authorizing WittyBunny from your facebook account, it has access to the following...

  • Your Profie Picture and Uploaded Photos.
  • All your friend's names and basic information.
  • Can post in your timeline without you knowing.
  • Can save your public information. To name a few it'll save, your name, your emails, your cellphone number, and address (if you ever added your address)

How can I remove WittyBunny from my facebook?
  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click on Apps on the left side pane.
  3. Find and Select WittyBunny.
  4. Check the box to remove all posts made by WittyBunny.
  5. Click on button to Remove.
  6. Done!
Keep safe guys!

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  1. lol your so funny and your saying your an CS graduate? Go back and study more than accusing others :)

    1. The screenshot provided above is proof that they saved your friend list, your photos and your timeline posts on their database, that includes your personal information (public and private).

      It's "You're" not "Your". Know the difference, buddy. :)

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  3. Maybe it's a phishing site. you're just giving them the key access your account. pag nag witty ka siguraduhin mong wala kang nudes na sinisend sa ka chat mo baka gulat ka ikaw na ang rapbeh latest version. o kaya transaction involving money and banking. di mo alam kung sino ang nag a-access ng account mo jan. Kaya nga WITTY e. all caps na yan ha.

    1. Exactly, that's what this post is about, it MIGHT steal your information. I've developed an auto-liking tool before for facebook and I could say that this is dangerous, they could actually steal information straight from that access token. Not to mention there are now "lifetime" access tokens in facebook which is a big problem.